Friday, February 24, 2017

The Botkinettes Have Come Out Of Hiding!


The Botkin Sisters, Elizbeth and Anna-Sofia, 
have come out of their nearly two-year hermit status to bring us some more gems!

 Oh boy! I can't wait to read this book by two thirty-something-year-olds who not only have never been married, but also have never been in a single relationship! Despite chastising people in this trailer for getting ideas about relationships from pop culture/music/movies, it's obviously totally okay to get ideas of relationships from books because that is somehow magically different! No need to waste your time getting information and advice from people who have actual real life experience! What a world!

Here's something a little more entertaining + very relevant!

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Avocado Kitties"

Reads, as of late

My current read! About a 400-page book and it's pretty interesting. Be warned it is an official Disney book and sometimes has exact word-for-word dialogue as in the 1991 film. But then again, I really LOVE Beauty and the Beast. That can be a con for some people.

This was simply okay. I love Mr Mellick III and I did enjoy this book but a lot of his other books are much better. It does't have too clear of a story line but does have some interesting characters. I can usually stand the disturbing/gorey images he puts in my head but for some reason, things in the book disturbed me a bit more than usual. Take that as a pro or con as you will. 

This was very good! The first chapter or so I wasn't convinced but it quickly proved me wrong. Deliciously weird, indeed. I think this is one of my favorites now of Carlton.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Give me coffee, or give me death!

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Like my new hat? Ray's xmas gift to me :)

It's been a long while since I've posted a proper update. I've grown scared of this blog again. Tempted in my old ways of deleting Rose Quartz Lioness and starting a whole new blog! BUT I RESISTED! Aren't you proud of me? :,)

I'm back to being a retail slave! Lucky for me, I actually like this place for once. All my co-workers are so nice and welcoming. There is no one I actively dislike - that's a first for me! I also love the merchandise we sell and feel good about selling it to people. I guess there's a first time for everything, huh?

I made big progress on one of my resolutions: I went to the doctor. Woo! Of course that's not the end of the road. I must go take some blood tests and see where to go from there. I'll also need additional appointments with two other specialists as of right now. Progress! I'm doing well on my book resolution too. I've read two books so far, and I'm currently on my third.

Ray is much happier these days. He applied to college and now we are just waiting to hear back! Oh, and yes - he is as handsome as ever. <3 I couldn't believe my ears when he told me he wanted to go on a caffeine-free kick a few weeks ago! He's a caffeine-holic! I was proud that he pulled it off. :) He is incorporating coffee back into his life slowly but surely. Also, his parents are moving to Kentucky - which means they will be closer to us - so that is super exciting! :D

I've been really obsessed with the idea of going back to Disney World lately. I kind of want to go back one last time before the craziness of Star Wars land opens in 2019. But we shall see! I've been watching ride-through videos of my favorites - Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Also I've never been to Animal Kingdom?! Can you believe that?! So yes, must keep dreaming. ;)


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Monday, December 19, 2016

2017 Resolutions

I'll be making this post into a page of it's own for easier reference. 

1. 75% Vegan Diet

This means I'll try to stick to 2 of my 3 meals per day as being completely vegan. Ray and I went vegan for nearly 5 months before finally giving in to temptation but truth be told, I do kind of miss it already.

2. Meal Prep

Not only am I struggling with my weight, but I am such a picky and indecisive eater that this just makes the most sense. I got this set off of amazon and I'll be giving a valiant effort starting this week.

3. Read 1 book every 3 weeks

I feel like I used to read a lot more and I've gotten out of the habit. I don't want to force myself too much (is there a worse fate than reading through a book you've come to hate?!) but I want to nudge myself a bit because I know I'll enjoy it in the end. I just have to remember IF I DON'T LIKE IT, I DON'T HAVE TO FINISH IT!!! There's no book police.

4. Begin Yoga!

...And by "yoga", I mean stretches. But I feel like you can't just say "stretching regimen" and be taken seriously. So I will say yoga. :p I've been having so many medical problems this year and doing stretches help relieve the pain a lot. It would awesome if I could get into the habit of doing this once per day.

5. More Hiking

I love hiking - it's one of my faves! So why not do more of what I love?! Thankfully it's a healthy activity too! ^.^

6. Receive a Promotion

Okay.....this is assuming my place of employment decides to keep my after the holidays. Seriously, in terms of work atmosphere, this is one of the best jobs I've ever had so far. I think there is some actual potential for me to have a somewhat steady job and not absolutely want to blow my brains out.

7. Learn a new skill...any skill

This is the trickiest one. I know I want to do something brand new but I'm not sure what! And I want to try to be somewhat decent at it too! I'll have to brainstorm and update later. :)

8. Get some of my health problems under control

Ah, my aforementioned health problems! I will spare you the gorey details but I've been in a lot of pain this year and something is clearly wrong. Once my insurance has gone into effect for the new year, I can start seeing some doctors and specialists. 

9. Get more connected with nature

I want to open my blinds more. Go hiking more (like I said above!). Open the windows more often. Just in general do more outside activities and not be too much of a hermit. 

10. Improve my financial situation

Budget? What's a budget? I don't understand this. Well, I've got to learn sometime. I always make a budget but never seem to stick to it. I find keeping track of all my finances very difficult. I sometimes pay with my cards but sometimes pay with cash. I forget to ask for receipts. I don't totally understand my bank statements. I know, this is so bad. Hoping to fix this up!

Gil Elvgren

I saw this book - "Gil Elvgren: The Complete Pin-Ups" - discounted in an awesome used bookstore last week and I was so sad that I couldn't afford to get it. I am a huge Gil Elvgren fan and this would have been the perfect coffee table book to have! I'm majorly coveting it and I'm secretly hoping it will still be there for me a few weeks into the new year after I get my financials all caught up. WAIT FOR ME LOVE! ; ;

In the meanwhile, enjoy some amazing pin-ups by Gil:

Monday, November 21, 2016

Random German Words

Eggnog = der Eierlikör
Holidays = die Feiertage
Gingerbread = die Lebkuchen
Turkey = der Truthahn
Peacefulness = die Ruhe
Sugar Cookies = die Zuckerplätzchen
Cinnamon = der Zimt
Peppermint = die Pfefferminze
Apple Pie = der Apfelkuchen
Pumpkin Pie = der Kürbiskuchen
Gift exchange = der Geschenkaustausch